COVID19 Update (April 8, 2020): With lockdown and social distancing being the norm now video is more important than ever.  People are searching for things to watch. People are educating themselves on everything they can get their hands on.  I am still working here and there doing PSA’s for communities, recording interviews on Zoom, etc.  Many of the assets in a video can be put together remotely.

So I am open for business for crafting short narrative pieces and doing script work and VO.  I am also available for consulting to help others create their own video content. The easiest way to describe what I do is this…I help movements communicate with their audience.

The easiest way to describe what I don’t do is this…I don’t work just for the money.

I help organizations, individuals and movements tell their story.  I work hard on projects that matter to me while working for/with small scale businesses and non-profits.