I help people communicate.  Using photography and video as the medium I help organizations, individuals and movements tell their story.  I tend to do most of the work on my own.  My working style is very specific.  I don’t work for brands or organizations that do things that I don’t believe in.

What I like to work on:

  • Helping to direct or produce documentary films about humanitarian, social justice, environmental issues as well as veteran’s rights.
  • Social Media Content Generation, Strategy and Management for Facebook and Instagram
  • Photography
  • Thinking of new ways to approach social media and marketing through creative video content to create social change
  • Project Management, Direction and Production of larger projects and films
  • Editing of footage that others have captured and turning it into movie trailers, commercials, social media shorts, crowdfunding videos and outdoor adventure pieces.
  • Teaching others  how to use Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Scriptwriting and narration.
  • Profile Pieces that highlight individuals and their work, causes, art or passions in life.

Highlights from 2016-2018

    • I was grateful to help direct/film/edit a series of videos for the campaign to re-elect James Stanford for Orange County Clerk of Court.  Here is one of them:
  • Directed, filmed, edited an explainer/promo video for local Metalsmithing/Cloisonne legend, James Carter Studio.
  • Asst. Produced “Radioactive Veteran“, an award winning film that was picked up by PBS affiliated UNC-TV after a run on Amazon.  Aired in the Fall of 2017.
  • Directed and filmed a fundraiser doc style promo for the Carolina Climber’s Coalition to preserve 55 acres of forest “Save Buckeye Knob
  • Directed and filmed “Bolin Creek Unpaved“, an environmental documentary that affected local politics and won an “Excellence in Film Making” award at the Carrboro Film Festival (Nov. 2017)
  • Created, scripted, voiceover the  “Your Bottle Means Jobs” videos: “PET” and “HDPE” teaser short (longer version releases 10/10/17)
  • Originated the “Vital Signs” podcast and video series about climate change.  This is episode #1
    • Created 2 films (Orion V) and (Bugaboos Redemption) that have been submitted to film festivals for a hopeful premiere.
  • Created a short documentary, “At Both Ends of the Leash” about a program where inmates at a medium security prison find meaning through a program where they train puppies to become service dogs.