The easiest way to describe what I do is this…I help movements communicate with their audience.

The easiest way to describe what I don’t do is this…I don’t work just for the money.

I started off using photography and video as a way to help organizations, individuals and movements tell their story.  I like to work hard on projects that matter to me while working for/with small scale businesses and non-profits.

What I like to work on:

  • Helping to direct or produce documentary films about humanitarian, social justice, environmental issues as well as veteran’s rights. My latest project is Salmonfolk Films.
  • Social Media Content Generation, Strategy and Management for Facebook and Instagram
  • Photography
  • Thinking of new ways to approach social media and marketing through creative video content to create social change
  • Project Management, Direction and Production of creative ways to help small scale, locally owned businesses keep going. 
  • Editing of footage that others have captured and turning it into movie trailers, commercials, social media shorts, crowdfunding videos and outdoor adventure pieces.
  • Teaching others  how to use Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Scriptwriting and narration.
  • Profile Pieces that highlight individuals and their work, causes, art or passions in life.