Why V. Slab?

V-Slab Clients…

The V-Slab Difference is really seated in what kind of work I am seeking and how I work with others collaboratively.  I am  only interested in projects that I feel make the world a better place.  In clients I seek those who are doing work in the world that connects people to places, to traditions, to tipping the scales back in the favor of what reminds of what is good in this world. I also endeavor to create work that delivers artistically and creatively.  In working with artists, creators, musicians, humanitarians, I  seek to offer them a medium through which to really share what they are here to share.

V-Slab Working Style…

Great video actually starts before a single frame of footage has been shot.

Great video is a result of effective communication, met deadlines, up front honesty and running things in a professional manner.

Are you talking to the right person?  Video editors aren’t stamped out of cookie dough in identical shapes.  Are you certain that your needs align with an editor’s particular skill set?  Are expectations realistic on both sides of the client/vendor relationship?  Can they edit, create AND do things professionally in terms of running the business end of things?

The Video Slab understands the importance of these questions while many video editors do not.   Many video editors excel at the creative side of things but many of them do not excel at the art of running things in a professional and transparent fashion. What differentiates me from others is that I have been running businesses and interfacing with customers since 1997.  I have spent most of my working adult life self employed or working with small family businesses.  I know what it takes to manage a project well to everyone’s satisfaction.  I also won’t ever take on a project that is outside of my expertise or abilities.

Video Editing + Great Communication = Happy Customers