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Hi there.  I am Charlie Morris…a self taught video editor and film maker who just recently moved to Charlottesville, VA in late 2021. I still stay fairly mobile though and travel often between VA and NC.  I am always learning and fascinated about work that I can do to inform, inspire, entertain and educate others. Primarily my goal is to be involved with anything where the visual or written medium can help humanize us all and compel people to come from their heart-or to encourage people to just have a hell of a lot of fun.

I’m a single parent of two amazing young adults.  I am an avid outdoor yogi, outside boulderer, SUP paddler, aggressive rollerblader, front country & backcountry skier.

I prefer to work with small businesses, social movements, humanitarian causes, environmental groups.  I also love being outdoors and enjoy creating or editing content for outdoor brands or events.

What I like to work on:

  • Helping to direct or produce documentary films about humanitarian, social justice, environmental issues as well as veteran’s rights. My latest project to come to fruition was the film 400 Feet Down.
  • Training others via consulting on how to craft their own films and video projects
  • Photography, architectural
  • Thinking of new ways to approach social media and marketing through creative video content to create social change
  • Project Management, Direction and Production of creative ways to help small scale, locally owned businesses keep going. 
  • Editing of footage that others have captured and turning it into movie trailers, commercials, social media shorts, crowdfunding videos and outdoor adventure pieces.
  • Teaching others  how to use Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Scriptwriting and narration.
  • Profile Pieces that highlight individuals and their work, causes, art or passions in life such as the piece called “Michael the Muralist“.