Hi there.  I am Charlie Morris…a self taught video maker residing in Carrboro, NC.  I am always learning and fascinated about what video can do to inform, inspire, entertain and educate others. Primarily my goal is to shoot documentary style material…anything where the visual medium can help humanize us all and compel people to come from their heart.

I began shooting photography in 2008 with a Nikon D200.  In 2014 I began experimenting more with video and have since been working hard to bring my video editing chops up to speed.

I’m a single parent of two indomitable teens.  I am an avid barefoot runner, SUP paddler, rock climbing, yoga ish sort of dude.

My software of choice remains in the Adobe family.  I work on a PC very very late into the night.

I prefer to work with small businesses, social movements, humanitarian causes, environmental groups.  I also love being outdoors and enjoy creating or editing content for outdoor brands or events.