Highlights from 2016-2022

  • In 2022 I began collaborating with others in a volunteer effort to capture the stories of caregivers of family members with dementia. The project is called Caregiving: The Untold Story. This is the first full length video of that effort.

  • A local PAC (Political Action Committee) hired me to create an informational storyline explaining a complex and controversial urban development story.
  • I was hired to film a series of interviews to humanize the law profession!  Who says that lawyers are all sharks?  This is one legal firm you will wish you lived close by.  Here I am featuring one video short of the 11 episode series;
  • I was grateful to help direct/film/edit a series of videos for the campaign to re-elect James Stanford for Orange County Clerk of Court.  Here is one of them:
  • Directed, filmed, edited an explainer/promo video for local Metalsmithing/Cloisonne legend, James Carter Studio.
  • Directed and filmed a fundraiser doc style promo for the Carolina Climber’s Coalition to preserve 55 acres of forest “Save Buckeye Knob
  • Created, scripted, voiceover the  “Your Bottle Means Jobs” videos: “PET” and “HDPE” teaser short (longer version releases 10/10/17)
  • Originated the “Vital Signs” podcast and video series about climate change.  This is episode #1
  • Created a short documentary, “At Both Ends of the Leash” about a program where inmates at a medium security prison find meaning through a program where they train puppies to become service dogs.