How do you use Adobe Premiere Pro?  What camera is best to record on and after you  have recorded…how on Earth do you get that video file from your camera or phone onto your computer and into Adobe Premiere Pro?  How does one adjust sound, drop in their favorite song, adjust colors and insert graphics into the video that they want to create? How do you set up your video to be seen on Youtube or on Instagram?

These are all questions I hear from folks and I love to provide the answers…

How do I work?
One-on-one in person
Pre-organized small class settings by arrangement for homeschoolers or businesses
Via Skype or Zoom

Who do I work with?
Aspiring film makers
Businesses who need to affordably create video for their social media postings

What Do I Teach?
Adobe Premiere Pro
Camera operations (DSLR’s to Cell Phones)
How to manage video files
Storytelling via video
I teach on Mac and PC

Where do I teach?
IN PERSON depending on how far the drive is from Forest, VA.
Online via Skype, Zoom or whatever it is that you use.

What does it cost for individual sessions?
Individual In Person $30/hour
Individual via Skype/ZOOM $40/hour

Why I teach?
When I first started out the majority of my time was spent just trying to find the answers to how Adobe Premiere Pro worked.  I would troll the internet watching tons of content just to have one or two simple questions answered after an hour of hunting.  I always wanted there to be someone who I could sit down with and just talk to.  But most video editors I knew were busy working and didn’t have time for something like that or they wanted you to sign up for a full online course of study.  So, it took me a very long time to learn even the basics and actually get to the point where I could create the art I wanted to craft.

Video editing and video creation is an art.  Art can’t be taught.  But one has to know where the canvas, brushes and paint are…or nothing will ever happen.  Working in programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and with modern cameras can feel very much like not being able to find the canvas or paint.  At the beginning, it’s very hard to navigate and the “art” you may want to create will be elusive.

What I think makes it easier to focus on  your “art” is having someone show you where the canvas is, where the paint and brushes are.  That’s what I do.  My job is to patiently help you locate the tools you need and apply them to what you want to create.

I teach the art of video creation and editing to beginners…from what camera to use, to Adobe Premiere Pro, to how to upload the video to the waiting world.  I’ve held teaching positions in a variety of settings: an educator in public schools, corporate trainer, outdoor trip leader, high/low ropes course facilitator, stay at home homeschooling/unschooling dad for many years.

+The world of video editing and creation is VAST.  No one person can do every technique or will excel at every application of video.  So I will only take on a student when I am sure that what they want to learn matches up with what I can teach.