Foggy Night

Night shooting is tricky stuff.  It’s also just about my favorite time to shoot video.  I don’t know why. I just like it.  Recently we experienced some very heavy fog in our area.  I ran up to the top of a parking deck and in between short spats of rain, ran in and out of my car capturing some snippets, hoping that the footage would have at least something worthwhile to mashup when I got home.

As always the balance with ISO noise is always an issue, at least with the lesser expensive cameras such as mine.

I had a fun time experimenting as well with blur effects on the lamp lights.  I also really appreciated my son’s help in choosing the music.  We are huge They Might Be Giants fans.  And they have so much eclectic music to select from.  The music on this is a short snippet from a little known podcast of theirs.  They are pretending to be translating a language for us into English.  Problem is…the language is completely made up.

Foggy Night from Charles Morris on Vimeo.


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