November 5, 2021-Full System Reboot

It’s been a very very very long time since I posted a blog update. That long trend of barely ever publishing a blog update is going to be ending. I am about to delete my Facebook account, which is a very odd and freeing feeling. It will also drive me more to post actual thoughts about the world and the work that I do here, right here, on this platform. Does anyone even read blogs anymore? Lol. I guess I will find out.

Update, with brevity. And verve.
I haven’t worked with video content or worked for money at all since about September of 2019. I have instead, been working harder than I ever have, in my entire life, but without pay. I became a full time live-in caretaker for both of my parents in October of 2019. It was going to be a temporary thing. I was just going to help them through a health scare. I packed my bags, traveled to VA from NC…just for a few months. Right? Wrong. I am still here over 2 years later.

My mother died of dementia and cancer in October of 2020. Then I took care of my dad, who has cognitive decline issues as well…and, well…it’s been a long journey my friends. I have aged about a decade in the last 2 years. Sort of like dog years but even longer.

My dad moves into a retirement community at the end of November 2021. That marks the end of my unexpected journey of being the full time caregiver for my parents. I’ll still be hanging out in the town where Dad will be living-Charlottesville, VA.

Over the last 2 years I have turned away job after job. Amazing work travel opportunities had to be turned down. I was to film in Toronto and Nova Scotia. I was invited to film in England and Norway. I had to decline everything. I lost all my paying clients for my social media management accounts.

If you haven’t been a full time caretaker for folks with dementia, you won’t understand why I couldn’t just work while doing it. But if you have been in my shoes, then you know why work was the last thing I could have possibly attended to.

First things first…I won’t be getting back to work right away after Dad moves into his new digs. Oh hell no. This boy needs a serious break for sanity’s sake. I am taking a king sized holiday. My first real vacation in about 3 years actually. I will be visiting friends and camping and skiing my way across the USA for the entire month of December. I just got a lovely pair of classic telemark skis…as well as an equally lovely pair of discounted twin tip freestyle park skis for the lift served action. They will see a lot of use!

Come January I should be ready to get back to work. I said that rather hastily. What I meant is that come January I will need to get back to work, because you know…money!

I am genuinely eager to soon be working once again with clients. Learning to write, edit video, create content, run social media accounts…it’s no fun when you don’t know how to do all that stuff. But it’s a lot of fun for me to help clients who have other things to do while I do those things for them.

I did manage though to do at least one big creative thing during the last 6 months. I launched a website, podcast and an ESRI mapping project.

This aligns with my values and I will be working on The Video Slab stuff while also seeking funding and grants for this long term project.

Life Legacy Stories

Everyone has a story to tell.  Everyone within a family usually wants to hear that story.

However, it’s not an easy thing to approach someone who is nearing the end and ask them to tell their stories so that the stories can remain even as the person passes away.  This isn’t an easy subject for most people to ponder.  I know that as my grandparents were nearing the end of their years we all wanted to ask them to record for us their life tales.  But what held us back was knowing that if we asked them to do so…would be for us all to acknowledge that the end of their time here was indeed close at hand.

But recently I was asked by some friends to edit a series of video interviews.  Their relative had cancer and knew that they were about to pass away.  Their chemo/radiation had run the course and they were at peace with a natural ending.  The family all sat down together with a video camera running and they all asked this person to tell their favorite stories one more time.  It resulted in an hour long memorial video that I created for them with chapter headings so that they could go straight to their favorite story whenever they wanted to.

Later, I was asked by someone to help teach their father how to acquire and use a camera during his final months with a terminal cancer diagnosis.  I met with him, found a perfect camera and trained him on how to use it.  He spent his final month using that camera a LOT.  In time I’ll edit all that footage into preserved memories for the family.

And most recently someone asked me to interview their father in his retirement home apartment.  I presented their father with favorite old family photos of his and he told the tales, answered follow up questions and before I knew it we had created over 1.5 hours of his tales, humor and even stories reaching back into the generations before he was alive.

So I am finally going official with this valuable service at large and I am calling it “Life Legacy Videos”.  Here is the page on my site about it.

NAPCOR, NEO’s and more!

The National Association for PET Container Resources and the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign, in conjunction with the SC Dept. of Commerce hired me to create a video showing the process of what exactly happens to a PET bottle when it is recycled and just how many jobs are created when it happens!  Besides the Youtube version of the video I created getting more than 29K views in the last year, I also just found out that it’s on NAPCOR’s very nice new website.  Just check it out! Scroll to the bottom of the page til you see Your Bottle Means Jobs.

I also found out that the same video is being used in New Employee Orientations (NEO’s) for all staff onboarding with Orange County in NC.

“Orange County New Employee Orientation (NEO)  provides a segment on recycling that was developed &  is usually run by our Education & Outreach staffer…who inserted this video into her presentations to drive that recycling is an economic activity… 

It is a great idea to have new employee orientation include a segment on recycling but we find it’s extremely rare.

The recycling segment is for all employees. One former HR director here said, ‘In 25 years of HR I’ve NEVER seen recycling on the agenda anywhere else in NEO’s”

So…I am a pretty happy camper!

Your Bottle Means Jobs from TheVideoSlab on Vimeo.

Speaking Out About UNC’s Silent Sam

In my short lifespan as a documentary film maker I have already learned how hard it is to tell a positive story.  Quite often if you are literally going to document what actually happened…people invariably incriminate themselves with their behavior.  The challenge for me in crafting a narrative is if I should just leave it all in and let the public judgmentally hang the person or should I steer it a bit in a different direction?  I am sure many would say to maintain the pure truth.  In the world today as it is, I feel differently.

You can’t show the truth because what you are filming isn’t the truth.  It’s a singular moment.  Humanity has a nasty habit of judging a person rather quickly and usually based upon mere seconds of interaction or observation.  Whatever happened to the “they were having a bad day”?  Now all it takes is 5 seconds of video and one thinks that they know a person, can accurately condemn a person.  You, as a documentarian, I feel, must take this “truth” into consideration.  Do you want to show something that will only inflame others to hatred?  No.  Not me.

Be assured. You are never seeing the whole story.  You are often only seeing a very very bad day in someone’s life.  Reverse that for the other truth.  Don’t think someone is kind as kittens just because you saw them behave kindly.  To really know the truth, you have to spend time with someone.  You have to get to know someone.  When you see someone from a distance, that is when judgment is deployed, for good or ill.  When you know someone up close, no matter what your judgments are, it becomes impossible to not see the humanity, the innocence.  Proximity multiplied by time equals understanding.  Understanding leads to dialogue.  Dialogue is what we need.

It’s a damn frustrating time to be alive…no one seems to want to dialogue.  Everyone seems to want to judge based on the sparest evidence.

This all brings  me to tonight’s protest gathering at Silent Sam on UNC Campus in Chapel Hill.  This venerable institution has a statue named Silent Sam.  Students and others are doing a sit in to have it removed.  The latest news is that the administration of UNC has been granted permission from the Governor to remove it.  Yet, the administration then declined to do so at last check on 8/24/17.  I dropped by tonight to see what might be unfolding.  My very unedited and straight shot of 3 clips in lousy lighting are below:

Silent Sam Protest: 8:30 PM 8/24/17 from TheVideoSlab on Vimeo.

Honestly the hardest parts to watch…I didn’t have my camera rolling.  I was too taken aback to remember to film.  When I walked up there was a lone female UNC Police Officer.  She stood stoically in a circle of light, her face bright with the cell phone flashlights of a crowd of a- how can I put this kindly?…a jeering rabble.  As I approached I noticed she didn’t speak.  Then I could hear the small crowd, half circling her, saying rude things, taunting her, laughing at her.  There was a man with a bright light and a small camera..he would get really close and robotically repeat things about how she was a white supremacist there to protect hatred and other such things.  I could judge these people but all I’ll be able to say accurately is that what they were doing, will never lead to dialogue.  I don’t know them but what they did was hateful, disrespectful, and representative of a society that feels dangerously close to losing it’s ability to maintain decency.  We’ve forgotten civility and we take for granted that we have the right to be uncivil.  But we are also like children in this regard.  Most of us, and I’d guess most at that gathering haven’t lived long enough or hard enough to know what it’s like to live in a place where simple things like freedom of speech may not be knocked around so loosely.  We have a lot of work to do for equal rights, but how is that now, we are sliding back into hate as a way to demand freedoms?

My footage doesn’t show this.  But I spoke with some of the officers.  The woman was a graduate of UNC.  She said “I came back as an officer to give back.”  She was proud of her role…you could feel it.  But no one there knew that but me.  No one ever stopped to talk to any of these officers as human beings.  To the crowd she was a racist pig.  I was glad my young daughter wasn’t there to see this version of “democracy” in action.

We all keep seeing this intense focus on how police are tools of the oppressor.  We keep hearing how cops are loose cannons, eager to strike, hoping to knock you down for using your voice.  Some of them are that way I am sure.  Very few.  But cops aren’t just cops…they are people.  The childishly behaving rabble yelling jeers at the cops tonight…I am sure they have had better days.  They are people too…and still…they just felt like they were yelling at their parents….and I felt ashamed to be there to see democracy reduced to this level.  The point is that we are all living in this country.  There are few of us who want to see it get worse.  What I saw tonight is exactly how to make it worse…the protestors showed me.  I hope they do better next time.

The police of UNC Campus showed me how we all wish police would react.  Calm.  Patient.  Dutiful.  Under pressure but not shaken.  They behaved the way that one wished the protestors had behaved.  The officers had people in their faces saying  “suck a dick”.  They were called “motherfuckers”…yet, they just stood there and took deep breaths and let the people get it out of their systems.  When I asked the officers how it was that they could remain calm, one of them said, “they (the protestors) are using their first amendment rights, we are here to protect that too.”  My hat is off to the UNC Police.

If protestors who are fighting to halt racism are using hateful epithets to accomplish their goals…hate still has a home and has gone nowhere.  It’s just changed identity.  It’s the same amount of hate let loose in this tired world that needs more love.

Meanwhile…8 months later

Not that I even have many readers here…I mean, does anyone even read blogs any longer?

In case they do, imma gonna write something.  I’ve been BUSY!!!  OMG!!!

There, that’s the update.  I’ve been busy.  I’d love to write more but I’m too darn sleepy.  So I’ll just post some links to some of the most recent fun stuff I’ve done or am currently working on.

Managing Instagram for the Historic Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, NC

Managing Instagram for The Fragrance Shop

Managing Instagram and Facebook for Townsend Bertram and Company

Organizing monthly screenings for  the Adventure Film Series for Townsend Bertram and Company (sponsored by Osprey Backpacks)

I screened my film to a nearly full local theatre and screened the film 7 other times besides…and now have it online for anyone to watch.

The Promo Reel for Oh Crappy Day finally went public…

My Your Bottle Means Jobs Campaign Video hit over 29,000 views on Youtube…

And a local TV Station liked it enough to make reedit for their own uses…

Then I crafted this first attempt at a series I am calling “Vital Signs”

I also decided to help out a local Fluoride activist group by making these short and simple vids.

I also finished some bigger private projects.  A wedding video…a short fiction film for entry in to the NASA Cinespace Contest.

I am slowly working on a documentary about the history and consequences of Fluoridation.  I am about to release a new series called PTSD: Mission Recovery.

Finally I just wrapped a second project for the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign. Mums the word…it’ll be coming out soon!

Jesus…no wonder I am tired.  And video isn’t even my day job…yet.


Tech Check for the Premiere of Bolin Creek Unpaved

Yesterday I did a tech check at the Arts Center, the venue where Bolin Creek Unpaved is premiering on Sunday the 15th.  Glad that I did too!  I have never done a screening before of a doc that was one I created…been to film festivals where  a film that I helped bring to the screen was showing, but I was never responsible for things like projection or tech stuff.  I recalled that at a screening at a film festival that they couldn’t get the sound to work for the longest time.  So I headed over to the Center to do a tech check just in case.  Lo and behold, the audio wouldn’t work.

The tech guys there were awesome.  They jumped on it, grabbing wires and ladders and checking every connection.  It took about 20 minutes to find the culprit…a loose connection on the overhead projector, which was about 18 feet up in the air.  So I can’t recommend enough presuming something will need fixing and going in early to get that squared away.

When I went in, the stage was also containing a set piece for a local play that was showing.  So we couldn’t lower the screen.  I just had them project onto the set piece anyway…made for a few cool pics.

Then later in the day I sat down with Julie McClintock of the Friends of Bolin Creek.  We were being interviewed by a local online newspaper regarding the premiere and the Friends of Bolin Creek in general.

All in all a very full day and it wasn’t even 3.











Premiere of…Bolin Creek Unpaved: Saving Carrboro’s Last Forest

This beauty has been in the works for about 4 months.  Somehow I neglected to market it much here on  my on website.  But if you are a Facebook fan here is THAT.

Armed with a budget of zero and a guilty conscience I set forth to finally try to make something awful not happen.  The town where I live has a longstanding agenda to pave a 10′ wide path 1.7 miles long through a forest that looks like what you see in the picture below.  Me?  Not very into this plan at all….so I decided to find out all I could about it and I brought my camera with me so that I could bring the story of what’s really going on to anyone else interested.

I would say more but I stayed up til 7:30 AM working on the final edits, slept for 2.5 hours and then I worked at my “other” job all day.  Yep, pretty spent.  But it’s all worth it.