Short Clip! Talk by Ron Veitel

I had this video turned to private on my Vimeo account for the last three months for many reasons.  The primary reason I wasn’t sharing it was that we were recording audio with a Snowball, which was situated close to him.  I was about 15 feet away or more though…and so we were to synch up the A/V later in post prod.  I believed that my mic on my Nikon was turned all the way off, but it turned out it was just turned way way down.  Ron’s life took an interesting turn and he got hired to do his dream job in Oregon and we never ended up creating the full length video…so I never got the Snowball audio file from him.  I didn’t want to release any of the video with such poor audio but for me it’s all about how good he looks on the video.  And if you turn your audio way up, you can hear him okay after all.

But I finally turned it to live today.  I really just like the quality of the image.  I mostly shoot outside scenes and it is so much harder to control for and account for how much happens “out there”…that I love the simplicity of the controlled circumstances of this video.  The subject of this video is Ron.  He is a wellspring of incredible information about how our food is grown, what the health supplement industry is really up to, and how we can consider “nutrition” in myriad ways.  I was helping him with marketing efforts for his business Earth Spirit Nutrition and offered to film this talk that he delivered at a popular local coffee shop.

I shot it with my D3200.  Inside the lighting was super low.  The lighting was all set high on the walls and there were plants in between the lights and the subject, which made for all kinds of contrasty leafy patterns on his clothing and face.  I had the ISO way up and then made a lot of adjustments in Pr to clean up the sharp leafy patterns.  This is just a short clip of Ron from the total 40 minutes, but I don’t know…I still like it enough to share it.  Oh, and you should really check out his work at

Sample Reel #1-Oasis Talk 9/22/15 (low volume!) from Charles Morris on Vimeo.