Radioactive Veteran Crowdfunding Launch…And the crowd went (hopefully) wild!

First, watch the trailer…then come on back for some more…


The link you saw at the end of the video is listed below and takes you to the crowdfunding site, where you can contribute… but you know what…just wait.  Read on.

The more you work in video the more you realize that you can’t claim anything as your own.  Just like no millionaire ever made a dollar without all of the gears moving of every single person in their company working away.  Being part of a documentary is the same way.  I am super proud of the trailer you just watched.  Putting it together was a whole lot of fun and also had a lot of gravity wrapped into it.  It’s heavy stuff.  As the video editor, I could claim that “I” put it together because I did a lot of the edits and final cuts.  But you know…I really didn’t.  It was a team effort all the way around.  The footage you see there has been captured by 5 or 6 different people spanning the years 1953 to 2016.  The sound was offered up by two different musicians.  Final edits to the trailer were worked on by three different people.  Who gets final credit?

Who cares?

If you really care about the story, then the final credit should go to the people you are making the story about.  What matters is that the story is told well and in a way that makes people think, makes them change, makes them want a better world.

Creating a documentary isn’t like creating a commercial or a show.  It’s an art form.  And there is a canvas there that a whole lot of people got to paint on.  I was just one of them.  Am I proud to have been a part of the process?  Damn straight.  It’s a powerful story and it’s been great to move it along into the public eye in service to the literal Radioactive Veteran (Donald Guy) and his widow…and all of the hard work of Prof K and Mark Wampler.

If you love a powerful story and you want to contribute to making the world a fairer place…or if you at least want there to be more things around that can inform the public about wrongs so that they hopefully can be repaired…then you should seriously consider not just sitting back and watching this trailer.

You should really at least share it with someone who is a vet, or someone who knows one…or anyone who cares about doing the right thing and not losing track of how our country has forgotten to do so in the past.  Because making the world a better place is like making a movie.  It takes a lot of moving parts.  But if everyone works together, something beautiful can happen.  But it does take a contribution and giving what you can give at the right moments.

Radioactive Veteran is a powerful story that deserves a spotlight…with your help you can be a part of history.  To wit…”Between 1945 & 1962 there were about 550,000 Atomic-Veterans. That’s down to about 123,000 today & about 1,600 are dying monthly.”  Donald Guy was part of a story that has barely been told and it’s a story that we shouldn’t lose track of.

Okay, now go do your thing…contribute.

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