Film Festivals: Where is Radioactive Veteran showing (so far)?

I always envision updating this site regularly but it just seems to fall by the wayside all too often.  But I am taking a second today to just share our poster for the movie coming out.  It premieres out west in UT and here in the east in VA this weekend!

If you happen to be a doc movie goer or know someone who is then here is a current list of where Radioactive Veteran has been accepted and is showing:

I was hoping to make it to the premiere out west at DocUtah but funding and timing were an issue for me.  Luckily the Director, Mark Wampler will be in attendance.  However, fate played a tricky hand and the Skyline Film Festival will be showing it this coming Friday at 9 PM.  That gives Producer, Brad Bethel and Assistant Producer (Me), time to drive way on up there to finally see this thing live along with an audience.  Winchester, VA here we come.

We are of course very excited to see what other movies are there and I am certainly looking forward to seeing what creative ideas can get flowing for the future.

Again I just have to say how fortunate I feel to have been included on this project.  From the first conversation to where we are now, I am very proud of how this all came together.  I don’t ever hide the fact that I have not been making movies or editing video for that long…compared to so many others.  So for me to have been in on the ground level on Radioactive Veteran gave me a chance to see how a movie can be made from cradle to screen.  It takes a lot more than I would have thought…that is for sure.  And there are so so so many moving parts.  So much communication at a high level is required.  It’s a literal interpretation of “it takes teamwork to make the dream work”.  I don’t throw around catchy phrases like that unless I am trying to be sarcastic…usually.  But in this case it’s just so true.  Making something like this takes a team where everyone puts in their best.

I am just such a lucky guy to have landed in such a great project.  Anyway…you MUST see this movie!


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