Atomic Veterans Speak

It’s a long story and the hour is late.  But my work on Radioactive Veteran led me to really become informed more fully about atomic veterans…what they did, what they went through, how long they have had to fight for recognition and compensation.

It’s a part of American history that remains well hidden and rarely publicized.  Things are changing though, which is why I loved being a part of bringing Radioactive Veteran to the screen.

Recently the National Association for Atomic Veterans (NAAV)  had a conference in Las Vegas, NV.  I was unable to attend…but my original hope was to go and have the chance to interview some of these veterans.  They have such a unique perspective and incredible stories to tell that should not be forgotten.

Since I couldn’t be there I somehow got in contact with one of them…a Mr. Paul Sparacino, an Atomic Veteran himself.  He graciously agreed to film some of his contacts there just using his iPhone and then Dropbox’ing them to me.  He filmed 7 in all.

As Veteran’s Day approaches on November 11th my hope is to upload each of the interviews, completely uncut.  Ideally I’d love to have even more interviews…having family members or friends of this vets capturing their tales so that they will not be forgotten.

Stay tuned to my site for updates!

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