Meanwhile…8 months later

Not that I even have many readers here…I mean, does anyone even read blogs any longer?

In case they do, imma gonna write something.  I’ve been BUSY!!!  OMG!!!

There, that’s the update.  I’ve been busy.  I’d love to write more but I’m too darn sleepy.  So I’ll just post some links to some of the most recent fun stuff I’ve done or am currently working on.

Managing Instagram for the Historic Carr Mill Mall in Carrboro, NC

Managing Instagram for The Fragrance Shop

Managing Instagram and Facebook for Townsend Bertram and Company

Organizing monthly screenings for  the Adventure Film Series for Townsend Bertram and Company (sponsored by Osprey Backpacks)

I screened my film to a nearly full local theatre and screened the film 7 other times besides…and now have it online for anyone to watch.

The Promo Reel for Oh Crappy Day finally went public…

My Your Bottle Means Jobs Campaign Video hit over 29,000 views on Youtube…

And a local TV Station liked it enough to make reedit for their own uses…

Then I crafted this first attempt at a series I am calling “Vital Signs”

I also decided to help out a local Fluoride activist group by making these short and simple vids.

I also finished some bigger private projects.  A wedding video…a short fiction film for entry in to the NASA Cinespace Contest.

I am slowly working on a documentary about the history and consequences of Fluoridation.  I am about to release a new series called PTSD: Mission Recovery.

Finally I just wrapped a second project for the Your Bottle Means Jobs campaign. Mums the word…it’ll be coming out soon!

Jesus…no wonder I am tired.  And video isn’t even my day job…yet.


Atomic Veterans Speak- All Vids to Date!

Leading up to Veteran’s Day was quite busy for me.  I had the footage that Paul had recorded for me (for us!) for about a month or more and was wondering how best to use it.  When I realized that Veteran’s Day was just around the corner I knew it was time to use the footage….how could there be a better time than that?

If you are reading this and wondering what I am talking about then read THIS.

I came home bleary eyed from another long day of retail sales (my other job) on Wednesday November 9th and realized that to put out all 7 videos before the end of Friday November 11th was going to be quite the task.  I was working full retail days as well each of those days.  Oh…and don’t forget being a single parent to a teenager …that counts in the mix too.

Somehow I pulled it off though.  So here are all 7 videos.  I want to introduce these also as the FIRST 7 videos from Atomic Veterans Speak.  I am going forward with contacting other Atomic Veterans and finding others who would like to add their voice to this video project.  I hope to find hundreds and build a website just for this project…like a video archive of stories that should never be forgotten.  Please do watch these 7 videos.  None of them bore…, none too long…all of them have some hidden gem of information about nuclear testing that you have likely never heard.

And please do consider supporting the work that I am doing, so that I can do more of it, at my Patreon page by clicking the link below.


Atomic Veterans Speak

It’s a long story and the hour is late.  But my work on Radioactive Veteran led me to really become informed more fully about atomic veterans…what they did, what they went through, how long they have had to fight for recognition and compensation.

It’s a part of American history that remains well hidden and rarely publicized.  Things are changing though, which is why I loved being a part of bringing Radioactive Veteran to the screen.

Recently the National Association for Atomic Veterans (NAAV)  had a conference in Las Vegas, NV.  I was unable to attend…but my original hope was to go and have the chance to interview some of these veterans.  They have such a unique perspective and incredible stories to tell that should not be forgotten.

Since I couldn’t be there I somehow got in contact with one of them…a Mr. Paul Sparacino, an Atomic Veteran himself.  He graciously agreed to film some of his contacts there just using his iPhone and then Dropbox’ing them to me.  He filmed 7 in all.

As Veteran’s Day approaches on November 11th my hope is to upload each of the interviews, completely uncut.  Ideally I’d love to have even more interviews…having family members or friends of this vets capturing their tales so that they will not be forgotten.

Stay tuned to my site for updates!

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