Happy Mother’s Day!

Today has been busy! In the interest of saving my fingers from even more typing…here is what I posted elsewhere about my day so far…

Okay! So…progress was made today! This is a screenshot from the newly updated Youtube Channel! And for the sake of saving my fingers from even more typing…here is what I just posted about this on my IG.

It’s Mother’s Day. And in honor of #mothersday I committed to completing #caregivingtheuntoldstory vis a vis the Youtube Channel content. I have broken out the full interview into 19 separate bite sized chapters for easier viewing. It’s all live now on the Youtube Channel. Link is in my bio!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSYml4DxCKUbV5SV0MZErmA

Thanks 100% to @ftdalovestory for being willing to be interviewed. And thanks to @l8rmr for being there to ask some of the best questions ever. 

I did this today in honor of my mom, who lost herself in the world of dementia. She didn’t have #ftd but the impact was the same in terms of trying to manage the situation. 

Take a moment to watch some of the videos. What you may not know about #frontotemporaldementia#frontotemporaldegeneration will surprise you. 

This is for all those #caregivers out there. #caregiversupport#dementia#dementiacaregiver#dementiacaregivers#dementiaawareness#caregiversrock

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