Oh Crappy Day (Feature Film)/Promo Reel

First of all, this is a story about a top-notch guy…Bradley Bethel.   I don’t see him all the time.  We don’t hang out on the regular.  But you know what it’s like to run into someone who is just a fair dealer…no hidden agenda, no guile?  That’s Brad.  When you get into video editing, try to work for people like that.  Brad gave me my start by enlisting me to help out on some projects that were tricky and mind expanding for me at the time.  The first project pretty much had me filming in a medium security prison…that was the deep end for sure.

Next on the list was an assignment to help create a promotional short for some really fantastic guys named Lance Bacon and Steve Neilson.  They live a short drive away and run a company called Dagtype Films.  These guys are film aficionados through and through.  They also created a short film called Oh Crappy Day…a film that I really enjoy.  It has done exceedingly well on the festival circuit.  Steve and Lance are now revealing their plans to get full funding to take their short and expand the ideas and story into a full length feature film.  My task was to help with the interview filming and to help create and edit other existing footage into a promotional short for the overall project.

For this promo Brad and I dropped in for an afternoon on a very hot and muggy summer day to hang out with the Dagtype directors.  I grabbed my camera…we interviewed and did what film people always do…recorded every nuanced thing that we thought might prove valuable later on.  Lance and Steve are a riot to hang out with.  Be prepared to laugh…

Later on, back at home on my desktop a fellow named Ned Phillips dropped in and we worked together on the promo.  Ned is super talented and I got to learn a lot from him.  Especially in how he likes to blend music and audio between scenes to cover the clip change…lovely technique that I wasn’t using yet.

This promo was just a lot of fun to work on…the collaboration was worthwhile and I am just pleased that it is time to unlock it and share it with the world.  Please go and support these hard-working indy filmmakers and actors as they proceed to create Oh Crappy Day.

Movie Trailer: Radioactive Veteran

Oh my goodness it has been a busy time.  And because of that I must write briefly here about this fantastic trailer that you are likely to watch…and hopefully share with someone else..who will then share it with- you get the picture.

I met Mark Wampler a while back when he was putting out the feelers for a video editor to help him tell this very compelling story about vets who were exposed to nuclear weapons testing in the 1950’s.

Discussions took place, introductions were made, and a team  came together over time and now this beauty of a trailer is newly minted and ready for the presses.  FYI, I did not end up being the editor for this piece.  I just sort of was a cheerleader on this project trying to help when I could with a bit here and there.  It’s the kind of story though that got me excited in the first place about what film and video can do to make the world a more informed and better place.

The full movie will be forthcoming.  But in the meantime, if you know any WWII vet or anyone dedicated to veteran’s rights, this is going to be a must see show.