Small World!

So…today I am editing some photos for a client’s website.  Like this one…



He needs some new headshots and when we made the video below…he asked me to snap a few shots.

He has just put his new site together and after I emailed him to confirm that they were waiting for him there in the Dropbox folder…I think “hey, I should drop by his site and take a look around.”

So I drop by to take a look.  Here…you take a look too.

Then I read to the bottom of the home page (as you may have just done as well) and saw the following:

“In a past life, Phil was a musician for Baobab and Crowdsource. One song ended up on a GoPro commercial (here).”

I click on the link to watch the following video:

First of all…what a fricking gorgeous video.  Secondly…my buddy Phil made the awesome music and though I knew he did more than talk about the end of the world…I didn’t realize that he was on that kind of level as a musician.  Well done Phil!  What a (humble) guy.  When I ask him about his musical past he only says “I used to play music”.

The reason my posting here is titled “Small World” is because in my other, non- video, life I have a part time job in an outdoor retail shop where we sell GoPro cameras.  We have a kiosk for GoPro with a screen that plays GoPro vids on a loop.  The video I have been watching now for over 2 years has this pelican in it!  All this time I have been watching a video that Phil helped make and I never even knew it.

That’s a small world!

Video Release! Phil Torres’ Book-The End!

I had such a great time working on this latest piece.  The subject, Phil, is such an interesting and compelling guy to listen to and watch.  When I was filming I was of course focused on making sure everything was working properly and keeping an ear out for background noise inducing machines, wind, etc.

It was only after I got home and started editing that I realized how inherently watchable Phil is on camera.  It was so much fun to watch I was cackling to myself.  The mission of this project was to help Phil create a meaningful explanation of his latest book,  The End.  Phil Torres is a very intriguing guy whose critical thinking is at the very edge of what humanity is up to here on Earth.  Google this guy…it’s worth a look.  Another of his many noteworthy sites is Risks and Religion.

The shoot itself was downright hilarious.  To those who are not videographers or sound techs, you would be surprised at how many everyday sounds infiltrate and disturb things when one is trying to make a video.   On the day of shooting we battled: Refrigerators, telephones, dogs barking, chainsaws, numerous airplanes, and window rattling wind.

I love the final product that resulted and couldn’t be happier with how it all came together.  Tantamount to completion was working with consultant Brad Bethel (@BradleyBethel).  He made the overall vision a breeze to keep track of and it wouldn’t have come together without him.

The biggest surprise of all though was in a local sound guy and musician named Saman Khoujianan.  We lost our original soundtrack person and needed a new one in a pinch.  Saman stepped up to the plate and delivered a home run in my opinion.  I was thinking along the lines of “somber piano with a building tension” but we gave him free reign to just do whatever occurred to him.  In an early response he mentioned using a vibraphone patch.  I read the email, bleary eyed late at night no doubt and chuckled as I said it sounded fine…because I had no idea what the heck he was talking about. I still don’t know what a vibraphone patch is, but if that is what he used for the original score, then I think I like them.  I didn’t think sound would have a place as a character in a promotional video for a book.  But Saman’s score is interactive, playful and sometimes I listen to it just to hear it all over again.

Anyway, if you can’t tell…I am very psyched to have had the chance to be a part of this little project and hope you like it too.  If you watch the video and enjoy it…and furthermore…if you find the subject matter Phil is speaking about tantalizing..then share this posting (or at least the video) with others who might enjoy it.