Filming in Ecuador Anyone?

You know what I like about me?  I am humble.  No..really…I swear I am.  When someone presents a project to me that I know I can’t do, I pass it on…I work to find them someone who can do the job right.  Because videography is about telling a story that can change lives.  At least for me that is what it is about.  If you don’t know how to move in an environment correctly WITH your camera and so forth, then it hinders your ability to tell the story.

Recently I met someone who needs a videographer for a really fantastic project.  I am not qualified.  I have never filmed in a third world post earthquake zone in villages leveled near the equator.  Most haven’t.  But I know there are folks out there who have come a whole lot closer to it than myself.

So…it’s late, as usual but I wanted to get to the point and share this posting before I hit the hay.  Because there is a really interesting opportunity for someone here who has experience as a videographer, can speak Spanish..and who can travel comfortably in a third world environment.

Here is the information…

Seeking a videographer to help capture the realities of life in regions of Ecuador hardest hit by the two earthquakes this last April.  This is an updated and more fully fleshed out version of an earlier posting I made.  Please feel free to post and share to anyone or groups where this might find someone up for the project.
Here is the description of what will be going on while in country, written by the director of the project.

There will be three basic filming locations: 

1.City Quito, Province Pichincha, the capital of Ecuador.   

2. The fishing city Pedernales, Province Manabi, where 85% of the buildings are now destroyed. No electricity likely to be available; water, sanitation, roads damaged or distressed. 
3. Another small village 21 Kilometer north of Pedernales, on E15 highway,  away from the epicenter where we will be living –  Rio Cuasa Eco-lodge. Primitive living conditions, but not poverty.  I do expect electricity at times, but I expect solar power and batteries will be essential. I expect composting toilets or latrines, limited  hygiene and shower facilities.
Mission is to interview the people hardest hit by the Earthquake, to capture life before the earthquake and what they would like to see their fishing city  and coastal area to now become…The new normal, and their dream of what the city could become.  Also the mission  is to highlight and capture imagery of the damage done.
Interviews will most likely be Spanish, and/or in the native languages of the area.  I expect that very little if any English will be spoken. Therefore Spanish proficiency obviously sought after, but not required.  
This is a travel expenses only gig…straight pay isn’t part of this trip at this point.  
The project runs from June 20th through June 30th.
PM me at or here on FB.

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