Patreon, Timelapse, A New Documentary Project.

I spent some time in a little nook of woods this week near town called Tanyard Branch. Never been there in 13 years of living here.  I found a huge tree that had been cut. In the local forests I have visited here over the years I haven’t seen a tree that large before.  To be fair it had rot all through the top of it…but way up in the crown.  It was still growing but on it’s way out.  But it probably could have stood for another 50-60 years or more with some growth. I don’t understand exactly why foresters and town arborists have a mandate to cut down trees like this instead of letting them stand and be a habitat for all sorts of critters that need that sort of habitat.  This tree was growing there in 1916..I just feel it deserves a better end than a chainsaw.

It’s also along a path of where a proposed paved greenway is to be built.  I am sure that has something to do with why it has been cut.  I could ask someone all the good reasons they have for cutting down a tree and some reasons I might even agree with.  But for me, when I watch this short timelapse—I see a trail, trail runners, and a lovely forest and I am thinking that this patch of woods can’t really be improved upon with pavement or cut trees.  I am also thinking that this tree could have remained there, half growing, half rotting, just like nature intended and no one would have been affected by it.  It’s THE woods…not OUR woods.

On this note I have been made aware of potential projects and other actual projects that threaten a riparian corridor here in the town which I live.  I am going to be creating a series of short documentary style videos sharing how beautiful the area is…as well as trying to inform the public about what the issues are and how they can make a difference vis a vis not having it paved.  I always try to think of how I can (and others) use video to create positive change.  And the areas known as Bolin Creek and Carolina North have given me a lot…now it’s time for me to give back by trying to help preserve it.  This is somewhere that I can try to create some positive change.  One thing is for sure, if more people don’t try to save Bolin Forest, it’s going to get paved.  My stance is that not every forest with a gorgeous creek needs a another damn greenway paved through it.  It’s okay to leave some things alone.

I like to think of how different this video would look if I were leaning against the tree, before it was cut and how much more like a forest this forest would be.

I have many other updates I am scrambling to make…another really exciting documentary is in the works..well…okay, TWO of them are in the works.  I have work coming out of my ears.  But to help fund all the things I love doing I am announcing that I am going to give Patreon a try.  It’s a way that creators have patrons fund their work in the world.  For me it’s clear that I love utilizing cameras and editing software to tell stories and inform…but the kinds of causes I want to cover don’t have bank accounts.  Bolin Creek doesn’t have a bank account.  Instead of the normal cycle of seeking funding for one project at a time I am going to try creating more content weekly and then having those who enjoy it, offer patronage to support it.  So I do hope people consider donating even $1 or more to the cause per month.  My page is still being set up…and it will be interactive once more so…here it is



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